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14th-Sep-2010 07:38 pm - hieee gaizz

It gets so lonely being evil
What I'd do to see a smile
Even for a little while
And no one loves you when you're evil...

I'm lying through my teeth!
Your tears are all the company I need!

But srsly, I'd give my everything to get things as they used to be.

So strange. A person whom you once could call anytime, now you even have no rights to say anything.
It's seriously pissing me of.
Enough of my emo rant.

i've started new comic :D
although it's not my first project i've never reached second page. This time will be different :thumbs up:

Someone once said that everytime we are hurt or feel strong emotions the so called art or way of expressing oneself will be better. So it is possible to say that now i'm a little bit closer to pro.

             the FUCK?!? I've been fucking dumped! And all i can say instead of how deep i'm hurt and how it's all depressing and how i just wanna die but to get sure the other person would be happy, is that it might be positive in some twisted way. THATS SOOOO MEEE. hate

5th-Aug-2010 07:09 pm - oh hi thar!
 The very first entry, oh so excited and i just can't hide it.
Will try to keep it as an regular artblog.
Maybe some personal stuff but i'm not used to it.
Here comes newest work,
will finish lineart and do colors when i'll be back at home so in around a week

what more should i write here? That it's ok? Definitely not.  but hopefully i'll try to get on a right way as soon as we are both in cracow. Haha, to make it well official, as long as it's possible in THIS country >.>
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